projex marketing sales strategies that work


Sales Strategies

The old passive ways of selling real estate are fast disappearing. Today’s information highway provides new, and exciting methodologies that are trackable in real time and reach a far broader audience in far less time and at a far less cost per contact.

Through our “Roadmap to Success” report we create unique an extremely focused sales messaging and overall sales strategies for every client so that they might maximize their sales returns and minimize their sales times.

Pre Sale Launches

ProJex Marketing’s principles have an extensive and well documented track record of successfull Pre Sale Launches for developers and lenders alike. Our Pre Sale strategies produce results and we have set local, national and international sales records time and time again. We ensure that you reach the buying public, as well as industry leaders, with a clear and concise message, at the right time and in the right manner. The results are sales!

Tempo Sales

Our work is not done after your initial presale launch. Your dedicated sales team stays with you. They do not go on to other projects or turn your project over to less experienced agents. No one will know your property better than your dedicated sales team. They will continue to provide expert sales advice and build your brand for your current and future projects. Your success is their main focus!


Despite everyone’s best intentions sometimes things just don’t go right. Sales just aren’t happening the way they should.

Maybe it’s the building? Maybe it’s the pricing? Maybe it’s the agents? Maybe it’s the marketing? Maybe it is a combination of everything?

ProJex Marketing has extensive experience in assisting developers in re -starting their projects. We provide an extensive analysis of your problems and focused solutions to get things back on track.

If you are having difficulties of any nature then your first call should be to ProJex Marketing and reSTART your sales today.


The current world situation has dramatically escalated the already changing manner in which real estate is being sold . The times are changing and success follows those that lead that change.

ProJex Marketing’s business model has long been designed to lead developers into the realm of online real estate sales. Since 2003 our principals have utilized SEO expertise, CRM systems, Social Media Platforms, Website conversions and online sales techniques to reach, motivate and sell properties to both local and out of town clients. Over 53% of ProJex’s sales have been conducted online without meeting the client until AFTER the contract is signed.

With today’s advanced digital platforms one is now able to reach, motivate and conduct sales online easier than ever before. ProJex Marketing continues to lead the way and utilizes the very finest in artisan rendering techniques, drone footage values, video production, Webinars and other online communication techniques to bring to the client accurate and up to the minute product information. That information drives sales. If you are not in today’s digital age you are in yesterday’s dark age.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow”
Rupert Murdoch

Lease Up Marketing

ProJex Marketing now provides its marketing expertise in the area of residential leasing for purpose built rental buildings. While not a property management company our marketing expertise assists in attracting more qualified tenants, more long term tenants and can often greatly shorten the initial leasing period . Our expertise can reduce vacancies and provide an earlier cash flow to the developer.