It’s not the Market…

It’s the Marketing.

You can’t control the market but you can control your marketing. Sales & marketing is an art form that requires knowledge, imagination, finesse and style. It must combine fact with emotion and compel clients to action.

Who we are

ProJex Marketing is a highly specialized Victoria based real estate sales & marketing team providing developers and lenders, as well as individual buyers and sellers, with over 35 years of extraordinary sales & marketing experience.

Directly focused on master planned communities, resorts, condominiums and townhouses, ProJex Marketing takes an aggressive approach to sales and marketing and believes that facts tell but stories sell. To sell your story we employ traditional methodologies along with leading edge online & social media platforms. We understand the market and how to leverage it for your property. We combine our expertise with a collaborative attitude and a strong commitment to your success.

What we do

  • Market research
  • Property acquisitions
  • Development planning
  • Exterior & interior design, and space planning
  • Marketing, advertising design and execution
  • Individually tailored pre-sale launch programs
  • Ongoing /tempo sales for new buildings
  • reSTART sales programs for stalled projects
  • GO | DIGITAL sales programs
  • Resale listings and sales – both privately and on MLS

CURRENT Projects

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