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The world is constantly changing. What worked yesterday may not work today and definitely won’t work tomorrow. ProJex Marketing understands this and is a leading edge provider of real time sales and marketing platforms tailored to your developments needs. We create for you a strong local presence while also reaching international markets both through traditional advertising and our advanced SEO, Social Media and CRM management systems.

Our customized marketing systems tell a story about your project that will drive traffic and result in highly qualified sales leads for your development or individual property. Our services include:

Accurate Sales & Marketing Budgeting 

Product Branding

Digital, 3D Exterior and Interior renderings

Photography, Videography & Drone utilization

Scale Model Development

CRM Systems Utilization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Social Media  Advertising

Digital Display Advertising

Real Time Online Traffic Reporting

Traditional Print Advertising

Website Design

Direct Contact Marketing

Event & Trade Show Marketing

Radio, TV & Cinema Marketing

On Site Signage

In Hand Marketing Production (brochures, flyers etc)

In House Developer Promotions 

Realtor Outreach Promotions

Refer–A–Friend  Promotions

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