Building Your Sales Team

New condominiums and master planned communities require full time, experienced sales staff with professional sales skills who understand volume sales.

projex marketing team
ProJex Marketing Team

Not everyone is suited to pre-sale and ongoing sales of new condominiums and townhouses. In building your team these are the essential traits that you should demand:

  1. Great sales teams must have a solid track record of selling strata developments. New agents need not apply.
  2. Great sales teams must be fully experienced in “Selling the Dream”. It is much different than selling a resale and then moving on to sell another  unit in another building in another part of town. In some cases a sales team is charged with selling 100’s of units, all in the same building or all in the same project. Most often that building or project  is not even built yet.
  3. Great sales teams must be fully experienced in CRM management and database selling techniques. In particular they must be experts at following up on leads and delivering what they promise when they promise. Today’s digital age calls for expert communication skills.
  4. Great sales teams are always on the clock. They are prepared to work 24/7 to get the job done. High achieving sales team members are never “off duty”.
  5. Great sales teams must be professional in their demeanour, great storytellers but even better listeners. They must easily be able to connect to their clients on a personal level. They are as much about  helping people reach their goals as they are about the sale itself.
  6. Great sales teams take “ownership” of their projects and take pride in seeing their development sell out. They come in early and stay late. The last sale is just as important as the first sale.
  7. Great sales teams are just that – teams. They must understand the team dynamic and put the buyer and the developer ahead of themselves. Volume sales are the result of a team effort.